An Open Invitation

From what I’ve written so far you’ve probably gotten the impression that there’s no longer any room for psychic/supernatural/paranormal phenomena in my world.

This isn’t at all the case. I would love nothing more than to come upon a claim whose truth could be demonstrated clearly to me without needing to draw its persuasive power from my own biases and wishful thinking.

I just… haven’t. And it took a while to admit that to myself.

There’s an atheist website out there called “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?” which points out that people make numerous, daily claims of God miraculously curing them of diseases like cancer (which sometimes goes into remission on its own), whereas there are never claims for miraculous recoveries of lost limbs (which never regenerate on their own).

The argument being made is that if all the illnesses being spontaneously cured in the world have in common the ability to heal without outside assistance, maybe there’s no reason to assume a deity is involved in the first place. God should find one miracle no more challenging than the other, and it’s doubtful that he just has less love for amputees.

I’ve gone through a similar dilemma. I’ve never seen or experienced a phenomenon that forced me to resort to the supernatural to find an explanation for it. Nor was it all that difficult to stumble upon some mundane explanations that worked just fine once I gave the phenomenon some serious thought and research. And the psychics and mediums I’ve met — being hypothetically genuine — shouldn’t have had any trouble providing something much more convincing. Having the abilities they claimed to have, a mind-blowing demonstration shouldn’t have been any more challenging for them than a mundane one. And if they had the intention of convincing me, why would they pick the mundane one?

The problem isn’t that I’m not open. The problem is that every claim I’ve come across requires me to turn a blind eye (or two) to become a believer. And I just can’t do that, nor should I have to. The great thing about truth is that it remains true when both eyes are open.

In any case, I’d like to offer an invitation to anyone out there with a psychic ability or access to some phenomenon to share it with me here. I sincerely do want to know what you’re capable of or what you’ve discovered. If there’s something out there for which blindness isn’t necessary, I’d love to know about it.

The ultimate purpose of this blog is to shed more light on the supernatural. Whatever that light reveals — positive or negative — is valuable and relevant. I’m not closed to the possibility that the positive is out there, but if I’ve only come across the negative and the neutral so far, then that’s what I must report.

If you have something that you’re sure will send me in a new direction, you’re more than welcome to contribute.

I just can’t promise belief in it. Without good reason, anyway.

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